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From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-03-19 14:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Post surgery potty question

ferretsnluv@a... wrote:
> Would there be any reason not to use puppy housebreaking pads? There
> are plastic lined and are very absorbent. Just wondering

No reason except the expense. You may be able to save a little money
by using incontinence pads for humans -- these are exactly the same as
puppy pads, but are usually a bit cheaper. You can often cut the
larger ones in half to make them more ferret sized, so you don't waste
as much.

I like plain newspaper myself, and Pogey much preferred it. (I guess
she didn't like the feel of litter under her feet.) But, it didn't
absorb fast enough, and I got especially concerned about that when she
reached the point where she couldn't keep her belly off the ground.
So, I started folding the paper so it covered the front 3/4 of the box,
and placing a handful of Yesterdays News in the back. This gave her
the footing she preferred, while the litter absorbed the urine, and we
were both happy with the arrangement. I could usually leave the paper
for a couple of days and just change the bit of litter.


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