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From: Shortley, Lisa
Date: 2001-03-19 15:14:00 UTC
Subject: Using Program for ringworm in ferrets

Hi Everyone!
I can't believe how valuable this list is! Thanks to all the
vets working hard and to all the ferret people who can speak
of their experiences with ferret medicine!
In addition to other ferret problems, I have been stuggling
with a bout of ringworm (microsporum canis) in my crew of ten
since mid-January. We've tried several courses of action
including baths, topical meds, oral meds, and more recently,
I noticed something VERY odd in my crew after I treated with
Program and was curious to hear any vet's input and to see if
this has occured with anyone else's ferrets out there who have
treated their ferrets with Program.
I treated with the suspension for kitten and cats weighing
less than 10 lbs. The suspension has 135 MG of medication per
serving. Nine of my ten ferrets had the ringworm and I
treated everyone. Four days after treating, 4 of my ten
ferrets shed drastically - all at once. One more (Noobie)
lost all the fur on his back. He was pink soft skin bald -
this was not a normal shedding old coat/getting new coat in.
And it occurred over 1 day - VERY sudden.

I am attaching a pic of my ferret Noobie's sudden hairloss as
well as posting it to the files section for those of you who
recieve this in digest, you can go here to view "Noobie"
I worried about Noobie being adrenal and he had an estrogen
panel run 10 days ago. His estrogen level came back at a 51
(normal for a neutered male is less than 45). So he's close,
but we're unsure...
About 5 days ago, he began regrowing fur in his HUGE bald
patch on his back - it's coming in as drastically as it fell
out. So YEPPEE! I'm thrilled about this but still want to
know what would cause this to occur.
My friend treated her ferrets with the pill version of Program
and no one lost even one hair. Is there something in the
suspension that would cause my guys to drastically shed and
cause Noobie to go it cooincidence...and mostly, has
anyone else treated with Program suspension and had a similar
Incidentally, the Program worked with killing the ringwork and
my crew of ten are ringworm free. They've all had better
coats...but besides that - no more fungus! :-)
So thank you all for any input. I realize that using Program
to treat funal infections in ferrets is relatively new and
there may not be any substantial data out there - but perhaps
this will help contribute and help me learn more as well!
Lisa Shortley

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