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Date: 2001-03-19 10:47:00 UTC
Subject: diarrhea/antibiotics

My vet said antibiotics will give the ferrets diarrhea. The first
week I had
squeak on them he was fine but the last 3 weeks he has had
everything from
green/yellow/orange goo, to bubbly brown poops. Some are seedy
others look
almost bubbly. How long will this last, or is it just one of those
things the
antibiotics will do?
He has a water dish and a pedialyte dish, he loves the pedialyte
which is
good! His appetite is off, he will eat kibble just not much, I've
been giving
him Stat mixed with Nutracal and pedialyte. Just wondering how long
antibiotics take to clear up a bacterial lung infection? It will be
40 days
on Friday and so far he is not any better.

Thank you!
Squeak & Raider