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From: swamp
Date: 2001-03-19 20:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Using Program for ringworm in

At 03:14 PM 3/19/2001 -0500, Lisa wrote:

My friend treated her ferrets with the pill version of Program and
no one lost even one hair. Is there something in the suspension
that would cause my guys to drastically shed and cause Noobie to
go it cooincidence...and mostly, has anyone else treated
with Program suspension and had a similar outcome?

Never had hair loss here, and my guys have been on the oral
suspension for 3 years.

Incidentally, the Program worked with killing the ringwork and my
crew of ten are ringworm free. They've all had better coats...but
besides that - no more fungus! :-)

Hmm. Since Program (lufenuron) inhibits the production of chitin in
larval arthropods I don't see how it would work on a fungus like
ringworm, but then my experience with fungi ends at the kind you eat
with pasta. I've read that Program is effective in controlling
heartworm, and can personally attest that my guys' intermittent ear
mite problems disappeared permanently 3 years ago.

Vets? Does Program kill ringworm too?