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From: Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shetler
Date: 2001-03-19 22:49:00 UTC
Subject: Strange Ear problem - Growth in ear


We have a ferret here at the shelter who has a strange problem.

He seems to develop an infection, but antibiotics do not help. The gooey fluid starts right before a tumor growth.

We were going to have it removed the first time, but he got into a scuff, and it came out. (I spent over an hour crawling around on the floor trying to find it to have it biopsied ) It has been 3 months and the symptoms are returning.

No ear mites. Smells like a yeast infection, but it doesn't respond to treatment. I have been washing his ear out with peroxide every couple of days, and using what swimmers use for swimmers ear to help dry it out. The vet says it couldn't hurt since nothing he can come up with has helped.

Since the tumor comes back, and it is in the ear, what options are there?


Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter