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Date: 2001-03-20 06:59:00 UTC
Subject: Treatment with Modrenal ???

Hi everybody,

I´m a german ferret-owner, living close to the main city Berlin. I own three
female ferrets, Ronja is now 7 1/2 y.o., Lisa and Julia are nearly 2 y.o.
I own Ronja for 7 years, I got her after the closing of a mink farm, fortune
smiled on her, she didn´t become the collar of a mink coat....
But since two years I know she´s having adrenal disease, lost hair, swollen
vulva and last year she needed surgery. Our vet removed her left adrenal
gland and as much as possible of the tumour of the right adrenal gland. After
surgery Ronja felt better.
But now, 11 months later, she lost hair again, has a swollen vulva and
behaved very excited. Another surgery is not possible, I´m sure she wouldn´t
survive it, so we started medical treatment. She takes now Vasotop and Nizoral.
Vulva is still swollen but she behaves more quieten. Our vet would like to
start a treatment with a new drug called Modrenal (Trilostane) but doesn´t have
any experience with it. Can anyone help?

Bettina Krause
mail: bettina_kr@g...

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