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From: Rosie Maronese
Date: 2001-03-20 12:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Distemper Vaccinations

I tried sending this yesterday, when I thought I was signed
up already with the Ferret Health List. I guess I did
something wrong, but then I got your message that I was
accepted. I still had this in my sent folder, so I am
resending it now to see if I can get any help before this
Thursday. We are leaving early Thursday morning and I won't
get a chance to go on the computer before we leave, so I won't
see any messages until late Saturday or late Sunday.
Depending when we decide to come home. Thank you in advance
for any help that you can give me or answers to my questions
below. Thank you.
From, Rosie

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From: Rosie Maronese
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 8:45 PM

Hi Everyone:

My name is Rosie and I am new to this list. I have four
ferrets, I hope Dr. Williams remembers me, I have posted to
him personally already. I have heard so many things on the
FML its self about reactions and stuff after shots. Until I
signed on the FML as of last year August, I never heard of
this and other things that I have read there. I have four
ferrets two of them I have adopted, I'm still waiting for an
answer from my girlfriend about Booger whether she had any
reactions before or not. My own two have never had a
reaction. The woman at the Ferret Shelter in Thunder Bay has
informed me that there is a new vet there who has been there
for a short time who is somewhat ferret knowledgeable she is
still learning, willing and wanting to learn more about these
little fuzzies, which is good to know. But I have mad an
appointment for this Thursday (March 22) at 1:30 pm. I posted
to the FML but someone from there suggested that I go here to
find out about dosage for pretreatment. When I called today
for the vet appointment with this new vet I asked about them
getting a reaction and about pretreating or giving them meds
afterwards. Apparently, I was told unless they have had a
reaction in the past then more than likely they won't have any
reaction at all, there was no need to premedicate and possibly
there should be no need to give them something afterwards
either. I was told that they have never had a problem before
and that if I wanted to stay the half hour afterwards I could,
but they said that there will probably be no need. I have
copied any e-mails that I have received so for with advice
from the FML, so that I can take this with me and show it to
her, maybe she just not familiar with that aspect and if not
then maybe she needs to be aware incase she ever has a ferret
have a reaction. She's probably just been lucky so far, like
I have with my own two who have never had a reaction.

I was told to come here and ask, What is the reaction after a
distemper shot? how do I pretreat and what dosage? and how do
I treat afterwards, should anything happen. I would very much
appreciate it if I could get some answers to my questions,
like I said I have never been in a situation like this and I
hope everything goes well. Sorry for the long post, thanks