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Date: 2001-03-20 11:37:00 UTC
Subject: Revolution

Hello all,

I have just read up on all of the posts regarding Revolution despite
the fact Betty sent them to me some time ago...oops...

Late February, I sent a letter to Pfizer Canada to clarify
conflicting information I had heard/read about Revolution both on the
FML and from the Revolution presentation given by a Pfizer
representative to the vet clinics in Calgary.

I explained that I had been informed that any use of Revolution in
ferrets would be considered off-label use and that no product testing
would be pursued by Pfizer because of the lack of demand. I also
informed them that I had read some disturbing emails regarding
Revolution and ferrets on various mailing lists I subscribe to on the
internet but did not provide him with the posts. Additionally, I was
told by a member in our Society that her vet had spoken to a Pfizer
representative who said they did test Revolution on ferrets at "three
times the dose" and concluded that there were no problems.

I received a response from a Technical Vet at Pfizer who verified
that any use in ferrets is off-label and warned me that "you can't
believe everything you read on the internet". I certainly understand
this statement and agree with it to some extent but stated that
although I realized there was no conclusive link between Revolution
and adverse effects in ferrets the emails were disturbing
nonetheless. He agreed. I asked him if Pfizer was aware of the
general public's concerns regarding Revolution and ferrets and was
given an unclear answer. I suggested that his company make
themselves aware of the public's concerns regarding the use of
Revolution in all pets, not just ferrets. He agreed and said they
were looking into some other concerns at this time.

I am supposed to be receiving a copy of the Pfizer report regarding
the use of Revolution in ferrets. When I receive this information, I
will forward any interesting "tid-bits" to this list.

Shelby Kimura