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Date: 2001-03-20 08:21:00 UTC
Subject: Antibiotics for lung infection

Thank you for your help!

Hopefully this will help:

2/9 Taken to vet because of persistent cough and wheezing. Given
full exam
and 2 x-rays. Vet said lungs were fuzzy in x-ray; bacterial
infection or
fungus, other than that he was fine. ( His lungs sounded fine!)
Prescribed Cefa Drops .5cc 2xs per day for 14 days.

2/23 Taken to vet for recheck, symptoms have not changed. Given exam
and 2
x-rays. Vet said lungs still looked fuzzy, but a little
better. (?) ( I
didn't get to see them this time)
Prescribed Cefa Drops .5cc 2xs per day for 10 days.

3/2 Started to see some improvement, more energy less wheezing and

3/5 Called vet to let her know he threw-up 5 or 6 times after giving
him his
last dose and his wheezing seemed to worsen after that and he was
all night. She said it probably went down the wrong way and to try
3/8 Prescribed Doxycycline liquid .6cc 1x per day for 14 days. Said
if not
better in 14 days bring him in for x-rays.

Squeak is 9 mos. old. Still very active. He has always been thin but
in good
health. He gets heartguard every month and is current with all
He loves his pedialyte and is eating somewhat regularly.

At this point should we be considering allergies, asthma, hairballs
fungus? IM not sure what more x-rays will show unless his is better,
but the
symptoms have not changed. He has never had blood in his stool and
he doen't
grind his teeth.
Would a blood test be more conclusive? Any suggestions on where to
go from
here would be wonderful, this has me very frustrated.

Thank you sooooo much,

Squeak & Raider