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From: Mildred Moore
Date: 2001-02-18 11:44:00 UTC
Subject: New to list


I guess everyone is new to the list, but I am checking in with all of you.

I am trying to vote on the second poll, but not getting through right now.
I have had one of mine tested, blood drawn before he was sent to the bridge.
It came back negative.

I have 8 right now, all adorable, not conceited am I.

I was also going to suggest Vaseline in place of laxatone. I usually use
Petromalt or Ferretlax, but have recommended Vaseline to others that had
trouble getting hairball help down their ferrets. Mine think of it as a
treat, which is at least once a week after getting their ears cleaned and
other grooming processes.

I also have a question. It seems my firrt vet up until last year after he
changed computer systems and the shot records printed out, was giving my
ferrets the dog distemper vacine. I got pretty upset over this, and he has
changed to the right stuff, but I am changing vets anyway. So what I would
like to know is whether this could effect the results of adv testing?