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From: H Langewis
Date: 2001-03-20 21:15:00 UTC
Subject: Summary of flea treatments

Good evening all,
I am new to the group, thank you for such an abundance of information.
I currently use Advantage on all the ferrets, cats, dog, and 'other'
I only use it 2 or 3 times a year. Does it remain effective once it's
removed for the tube and stored in a brown glass bottle? Since I do 25
or so animals at a time, I empty a few tubes and use a syringe to
measure each dose.
I am very interested in using a product that is effective for ear mites
as well.
With rescue, mites are a constant problem.
Has anyone written a summary of flea products available for use on
ferrets, and their effectiveness? This would be of importance to me and
the people I advise on
a daily basis. I would also be interested in adding this information to
Hello Dr. Williams, happy to see you on the board!
Hildy Langewis
California Rescue Coordinator