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From: ferretfanatic
Date: 2001-03-20 21:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Premie Kits

Well wishing you good luck with both litters.
FurTulsa wrote:
For Meg @ ChaoticFer8s.....You may be right about Chaotic
Wonder's kits being post-mature... but there is little doubt
Calliope's were actually premature.The way I establish due
dates is from the first day the jill and hob are together. I
only leave them together for 2-3 days depending on
"activity" levels. And I count 42 days from the first day...
and leave a 3 day window.IF both jills actually impregnated
the first day breeding and both gave birth Sunday... Chaotic
Wonder would have carried for 45 days... and Calliope 40. I
don;t know if I actually mentioned it in the origional email
or not but Chaos had only 2 kits and Calli had 5 so litter
size may play a factor as well, but there is no getting
around that it is impossible Calli carried more than 40
days... possibly 38 or 39.Of Calli's kits a couple were
having breathing problems at first but so far seem to be

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