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Date: 2001-03-20 16:33:00 UTC
Subject: Diabetes following Insulinoma surgery

Back in December my 6 year old female, Mandrake had adrenal and insulinoma
surgery. Following the surgery she developed diabetes and required
hospitalization for insulin treatment. She had started to respond to the
insulin, however, sadly we lost her to pneumonia developed during her

Now Merlin, my 5 1/2 year old male is in need of the same surgery. Due to
our experience with Mandy, as well as my vet's additional exerience with a
similar case in his practice at the present time, we are looking for
preventive measures we can take. Is there anything we can do prior to the
surgery to prevent, or minimize the chances of diabetes developing following
surgery? I realize there are no sure things with surgeries, but any
suggestions, advice or prior experiences would be most appreciated.

Incidently, Merlin had his blood glucose checked today -- it was 21.4! We
couldn't believe it; he shows absolutely no outward signs of low bg at all.
The same glucometer was used to check the diabetic ferret in the office today
whose bg was over 600 all day, so its not like it was reading low or
anything. Other than sleeping a bit more than usual, Merlin has never shown
signs of insulinoma other than one day a couple months ago when his back legs
slipped from under him a couple times. He's still playful and active and
eats well. We've had his blood tested three times in the past 6 - 8 months
and his bg has been going down 82, 68 and now 21 -- wasn't expecting that!
Should I start him on pred while we are planning surgery, or just keep up
with supplemental feeding? I've never had an insulinomic ferret who showed
no symptoms before!

Anyway, thanks for any advice.