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Date: 2001-03-20 21:34:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Pneumonia

Dear Val:

Ferret pneumonia is a serious condition which I am hesitant to comment on
without more specific information. When you mention that the WBC is
elevated, can you give me the absolute numbers, as well as the distribution
of cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes, etc.)

The radiograph shows that the lungs are filled with fluid - how does the
heart appear (heart disease is a common cause of fluid in or around the
lungs), and is the fluid actually in the lungs or around the lungs? Is the
ferret coughing (suggesting fluid in the lungs) or having difficulty
breathing (suggesting fluid around the lungs.)

While I am not trying to be difficult here, this information (which probably
requires a call to your vet) is absolutely necessary to make any statement
on this case.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Dear Dr. Williams:

I'm a longtime ferret owner who has found your writings and definitive
conclusions on many ferret illnesses to be very helpful in the upkeep of
my animals. I have a ferret who was diagnosed with pneumonia 5 days ago
with the x-ray showing the lungs filled with fluid, the blood
work showed that the white-celll count was elevated which incicates some
kind of infection as my vet said, the animal does show some signs of
lethargy but also continues to be somewhat playful and although not
eating and drinking at its usual level she is eating and drinking
without having to be force-fed. Is there any protocol that can or
should be followed to remove the fluid from the lungs of this animal?
My vet is doing the best she can with antibiotics but I just wanted to
know if there is anything more that can be done.

Thanks for your time.



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