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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-20 20:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Distemper Vaccinations


The more times a ferret is vaccinated the more chances that the body
will mistake the vaccine for an invader so lack of previous reactions
is no safeguard against new reactions, though the presence of past
reactions is a warning sign.

From our experiences over less than 19 years (Can't recall when the
approved vaccines began being available but we've had ferrets in the
family for around 19 years.) Steve and I would say: use the Benedryl
just in case, do separate the rabies and distemper vaccines by about
2 weeks, and do wait in the office afterward for a half hour to 45
minutes to be safe. Over the years we have had three almost die of
reactions and one have a milder reaction. We do not vaccinate
Jumpstart against CD anymore because the risk is too high for him.
Had one in the past who could not have any vaccines.

Being there when a ferret reacts gives the extra time needed to be
more able to turn the reactions around and save the ferret.

BTW, the chances of reacting still are low, but why take a risk when
the measures to be safer are so very simple?