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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-03-20 21:40:00 UTC
Subject: Thank you, Ringworm & Carpeting Solution?

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., AFERRETVET@c... wrote:
> Hi Erin,
> Yes you can give monthly doses as needed of Program.
> In cats it usually takes 2 doses. I would bleach all the towels,
> bedding, hammocks, cages, etc., to reduce the chance of reexposure.
> Bleach the floor where there is no carpet, etc. There is also a slow
> release miconazole cream rinse that you can use or twice a day
> apply the miconazole cream to the ringworm spots.
> Hope that helps,
> Jerry Murray, DVM

Thank you Dr. Murray! I'll be alright retreating with a third pill
then? Just making sure I understand. Unfortunately, most of their
play area is carpet. :< Anyone out there have suggestions for
carpet sanitation? Do I need to get someone in here to steam clean
the carpets?? Will do it if it'll help! What about possible
chemicals left behind from steam cleaning?

Wonderful forum and I'm learning so much! Thanks to everyone for
contributing! Especially liked those premie-pictures and the info
that came along with them.... I always look forward to seeing what
new picture is posted on the first page too!