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From: mjo
Date: 2001-02-25 09:25:00 UTC
Subject: Thanks for this list!

Cool List! Glad to find this list as with 10 current ferrets and
naturally the normal diseases, I will ask questions and need many
answers now and in the future. Thanks for getting this List together.

For my first question. Dr. ***** did the cryosurgery on my Bilbo
(now 5 years old) and ended up taking both adrenals. The right had
been done previously last May and proved to be malignant, hence why,
when given a chance, we made the arrangements for this surgery. He's
doing fine now. My regular vet has him on .3 prednisone every other

But my question is: Does he need to have routine blood tests for

Thanks for making this list available. Gonna prove to be a godsend
for many of us ferret parents.

mjo and the zoo, Lady Star, Topanga, Ragine, Bilbo, Frodo, Frito,
Pepper, Caesar, Frosty, & Sassy and the dogs Garth and Darwin (R.I.P.
Nipper, Lightning, EZ, Cleo, & Phantom, and Duke)