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Date: 2001-03-21 06:20:00 UTC
Subject: Sugery or Make Comfortable?

Dr. Williams;

I just mailed you about Heidi, Insulinoma\Adrenal, Hx obstruction.

I've had her home for 7 days getting ready for surgery and then my
largest male, Whiskers, could not urinate and was crying in extreme
pain. I rushed him to the closest vet and Whiskers had a emergency
cystocentesis. 35cc of cloudy urine was aspirated. I left from there
and took him to a ferret knowedgeable vet. I knew it was adrenal and
the diagnosis was confirmed. More urine was removed 2 more times
overnight and it was dedecided to operate. A tumor about 1/2 the
size of a walnut shell was taken with the left adrenal. The right
adrenal wasn't even visable. The spleen was greatly enlarged and had
tumors on it, so it was removed too. Total surgery time 50 min.
Temp was 99 after surgery which ended at 2:00. By 5:00 today, same
day, he had passed away.
I know it was an emergency with the obstruction, but I have 5 more
ferrets that need surgery. I have had 4 ferret surgeries with a
survival rate of 50%.

If the ferret is not suffering, ie; emergency, should I just let them
live what is left of their life and keep them comfortable? After
Whiskers I'm questioning the sanity of all this. He was a whopping
three pounds and by far in the best shape for surgery.

I don't know what to do!
I have 19 ferrets now. and I lost my Horse last week from colic.

Saddly, Cathy