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From: Georgia Bambaci
Date: 2001-03-21 12:22:00 UTC
Subject: Dr. Williams or anyone else (Benadryl)


I know you need to administer benadryl to a ferret
prior to administering a distemper shot to help with
allergic reactions. I read that the dosage should be
2mg. I only have a syringe that has ml dosages. Can
you tell me what the conversion would be from mg to
ml? Also, I plan to give via mouth, how long in
advance should I give benadryl before giving him the
distemper shot. I was thinking about a half hour. I
have also heard of other owners giving Benadryl for a
copule of days prior to the vaccination. Is that
necessary? Please let me know. I know how important
and risky this is so I want to make sure it is done
right. Thanks.

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