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Date: 2001-03-21 11:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: kevin feeding cat food to ferrets

This is one reason I joined this group at the request of DR Bruce
DVM. There is no cat food on the market today that has been tested
proven to be nutritionally complete and balanced for ferrets. Until
8 years
ago there were no good ferret foods on the market. Non which had
developed, tested and proven to meet pet ferret's nutritional
Many veterinarians recommended feeding premium (?) cat foods because
were nutritionally better than the pelleted ferret foods they were
at that time. They still are. This situation has changed. Totally
was introduced to the market in the spring of 1994. It was
tested, and proven to support growth for kits, pregnancy, lactation
maintenance for ferrets of all ages. Marshall Farms also produced a
diet similar to the one they feed in their breeding facility later
that same
year. Totally Ferret is the only one who has ever presented their
data to
several veterinarian conference.
So, there is no reason for veterinarians who treat ferrets to not be
aware of
these foods. With the advent of the Internet and the continuing
classes available, there is no reason for them to keep recommending
cat foods
for ferrets. They are busy as is everyone else but they still have
responsibility to stay informed of the latest information on
nutrition as
well as medical information.
Cat foods as well as most commercial ferret foods do not have the
level and
quality of animal protein that is necessary for ferrets. Even for
maintenance without supplementation.
Thomas R. Willard, Ph.D.