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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-21 18:02:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Dr. Williams or anyone else (Benadryl)

There's no direct conversion from milligrams to milliliters
because milligrams is a measurement of weight, whereas
milliliters is a measurement of volume or capacity.

What you need to do is look at the bottle of Benedryl and
somewhere it tells you how many milligrams of the active
ingredient are in X amount of milliliters. I don't have a
bottle handy so can't tell you what that figure is. FOR
EXAMPLE ONLY, if it says there are 10mg per teaspoon (1 tsp. =
5ml) then there are 2mg per ml. I'm positive this is not
accurate for Benedryl, just an example, so even though there's
a fair margin of safety with Benedryl, don't go giving your
ferret 1ml. I'm sure one of the doctors here will tell you
what the usual dosage is.


> I know you need to administer benadryl to a ferret
> prior to administering a distemper shot to help with
> allergic reactions. I read that the dosage should be
> 2mg. I only have a syringe that has ml dosages. Can
> you tell me what the conversion would be from mg to
> ml?