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From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2001-03-21 14:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Here's a project (and New at

Sukie wrote:
> Here's a project; the medical acronyms used are causing
> problems for multiple people. Anyone want to put together
> a resource?

I wrote to Sukie privately and mentioned the great site that the wonderful
Brett Middleton has already bookmarked for us and asked if something more
ferret-specific was needed. Turns out that there are, indeed, some that
turn up often with ferrets that aren't covered there (ECE, EE/EG, and ADV
were all mentioned).

SO... I'm happy to try to put something together - an alphabetical list by
abbreviation that links to authoritative sources on whatever it's an
abbreviation for. I can host the page on my local club's website (it'll
go nicely with the disease index we already have at and put a bookmark to it in this
group's bookmarks area. Can folks who have been confused by an
abbreviation other than ECE, EE, or ADV that's not already covered in the
general veterinary abbreviations list please send me a note? Also, Sukie,
if there are others that you can remember have been confusing, please send
'em along...

*AND of course, if anyone knows of something like this already in
existance, PLEASE let me know. No sense re-creating the wheel...*

Incidentally, has anyone else surfed at
lately and noticed the new, bigger ferret section? It's stuff from Dr.
Judith Bell's book (_The Pet Ferret Owner's Manual_). Nice to see ferrets
featured in a positive light on such a respected, mainstream pet site!!!
Also, it's neat the way they've hyperlinked possibly confusing terms into
their dictionary.


-Pam S.