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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-02-25 10:13:00 UTC
Subject: When posting about medical care

I am seeing one or two posts along the way which mention a vet by
name. In these individual instances I've had no problem with the way
it was done but I would like to point out something to everyone.

If you post,"Dr. Jones prescribed prednisone... " another veterinary
professional now has to be really careful about saying prednisone is
not the correct course of treatment. Not only is the vet now having
an opinion on the course of treatment, but also on Dr Jones. Most
won't do it. These are professionals.

If you post, "My vet prescribed prednisone..." Then no one knows who
the vet is and the use of prednisone in this particular instance is
all that is being questioned.

Be aware of this when you post. If you start a thread today naming a
Dr or clinic and two weeks down the road your ferret isn't responding
and you want to question the course of treatment, you may have
already tied another doctors hands when it comes to having an opinion.

Again, this hasn't been a problem to date and I am sure it won't be.

Also, references to unpleasant events elsewhere in our community,
past or present. I'm cutting these from posts. Mentioning it on the
FHL is to invite it onto the FHL because if you bring it up someone
else will have an opinion on it and that isn't why we are here.

Let's post responsibly and make this an incredible experience for