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From: Claudia Johnson
Date: 2001-03-21 22:11:00 UTC
Subject: help-insulinoma to diabetes

Smokey came into my rescue (with Bandit) last April as 3 1/2 yr old
and 4 yrs old. Neither adjusted well and I'm still hand feeding
Smokey. About July, I found him in the end of a seizure. I rubbed
Caro syrup on his gums, as his mouth was clenched shut, and by the
time I got to the vets he was running around. His BG was in the
50's. This is where things differ from the traditional trts and
what's in the archives. My vet uses Dexamethasone with water (4cc
dex:36cc water). She feels that she's had good results, it's not
hard to administer and Smokey was doing great on it. I realize this
isn't what's in the books. His rechecks found his BG around 60.
She also doesn't do sx unless there is a concurrent disease and then
she'll remove a portion of the pancreas. Feb 26 Smokey was wobbly
and glassy-eyed. I fed him (A/D and chicken baby food is what he
eats) and gave his med. Tues my vet said to increase the med to
3x/day and I went in March 2 to check his BG. It was 200 and we
were surprized. He was scheduled from an ultrasound the 5th . She
put him on the pediapred (5mg/5ml 3/4 cc) on the 5th she ran
bloodwork. The ultrasound was unremarkable. The bloodwork came
back with the BG 200 and his liver enzymes were elevated. She took
him off the pediapred and back to dex drops and rechecked the BG on
the 12th. It came back at 400 so shecut back the dex to once a day.
We rechecked the BG and sent out blood work again onthe 19th. BG
came back at 400 and liver enzymes are over 600. The BUN and
creatinine values are normal. I take him in Friday the 23 to check
the BG and she will probably start insulin. I thought this course
of events was rather rare in ferrets and I think I understand what
has happened. I'm just also concerned about his liver enzymes. I
would appreciate any comments. Please email directly at because I am very far behind on the
lists. Smokey doesn't get treats and it's killing me fot have to
force him these last few days. Thanks in advance.
Claudia Johnson
Oxford Ferret Rescue
Elkton, MD 410-620-6246

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