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From: Kathleen Scepan
Date: 2001-03-21 23:09:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Health Digest No. 79-Message #12

My ferrets will not eat meat, or veggies, or most fruit either. They will
eat some watermelon, because it has a lot of liquid in it and it is sweet.
They also like cantelope, but they make a mess of these things so my husband
or I have to cut them up very small and give feed them as special treats.
They also like avocados (it must be the oil in it).

No matter how I prepare meat for them, they just refuse to eat it and look
at me like there must be something really wrong with me. My husband will
occasionally give them small pinches of red licorice - they love that, along
with the favorite raisin, of course. We're careful to make sure that the
treats are special and only occasional.

Plus, since their digestive system is so rapid, I'm glad my ferrets don't
like broccoli-(it would come out green!)
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