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From: Steve and Diane
Date: 2001-03-22 01:16:00 UTC
Subject: Lump on Neck was Re: Digest Number 76

<< He is doing wonderful now but I found a very small lump
in the upper
neck, area when we got home.

When I saw this post it interested me because one of my girls
also has something similiar to what was mentioned
above.............we adopted our little girl at around 4
months and one day I noticed a lump or bump how ever you want
to discribe it in the area of the top part of her neck. When I
took her to the vets for her shots I mentioned it, but when
she felt for it she couldn't feel anything. I could still feel
it maybe because I knew where it was so my vet said it was
probably nothing if it was so small she couldn't feel it. Well
I'm not sure if the lump has grown (even though it feels like
it) or it is just because I know where to find it, but it
still worries me. I was wondering if hers could also be caused
by previous shots given in that area. My vet gives shots lower
and on the side. I do plan on showing it to her again and as I
told my husband I am not letting her out the door until she
takes a good look and feel for it. I don't want anything to
happen later on down the line with her. Oh I don't think it
causes her any pain because the other 2 girls get to rough
housing with her and of course they go for the neck all the
time. Is it possible that this lump may have also been caused
when she was given her first shots? When we got her we were
told she hadn't had any shots other then what they get before
being sold or sent off to pet stores.

DianeK,wiggles,cocoa,cleo and daddy too!!!