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From: Edward Lipinski
Date: 2001-03-22 03:59:00 UTC
Subject: Yoghurt is GOOOOOOD!

The ethnic population of the Azerbyzhan regions experience the greatest
longevity of any groups of humans on this mud ball. Why is this? I'm
not really sure, but what I do know is that they are the world's greatest
yoghurt eaters - morning, noon, and night. They eat it all the time.

So, what has this to do with ferrets, you ask? Well, I don't really
know, but it is my expert opinion (and I am without a doubt, the world's
greatest expert in my own opinon) that anything that aids food
digestion and assimilation couldn't hurt too much the relatively fast
passage of food into and out of the ferret.

Ferret food passage is quite rapid. And rapid passage of food is not
particularly benefical to the health of the ferret (am not speaking of
the wild Black Footed Ferret here) and it seems to me that anything I can
do to enhance the digestion and assimilation of food (chyme) without
'contraindications' is highly beneficial to the ferret.

Hence, since it first formulation, yoghurt has been one of the essential
ingredients of Lipinski's Ultimate Mustelid Porridge Soup (LUMPS) and as
long as it is mixed with other ingredients (after they've been cooked) it
is innoculating and reinnoculating the 72-inches of the average ferret's
gut with billions and billions of beneficail bacteria. Now for some
reason the waste metabolic byproducts (WMBp) of these bacteria seem to
play a significant role in the more efficient digestion and assimilation
of chyme.

The other factor in ferret nutrition that I've found highly beneficial to
the ferret is to increase the surface area of all foods the ferrets eat.
The greater the surface area of the food particles, it follows that then
the enzymatic action of digestive enzymes will be proportionally greater
the greater the surface area of food particles exposed. It goes without
saying then that the smaller a given food particle is repeatedly cut, the
greater will be the surface area exposed. Hence the substrate of ferret
food manufactured here at F.E.R.R.E.T.S. NW Foundation is a solute of
miniscule food particles in a solution, and this turns out to be 'soup'.

Someone on this list equated 1 month of a ferret's life to 1 year
human's; hence a 1-year old ferret is equivalent to12 years human. Well,
we have a little female ferret her by name of 'BOUSNO-ichi' who was born
on April 4th, 1989. Her current 'ferret' age is 12 years or 144 months.
Her equivalent human age is
144 years! This is a little silver mitt ferret who was weened on LUMPS
(yoghurt) and who has eaten LUMPS all her long, long life. And, so far,
has never experienced epizootic catarrhal enteritis - Yea!

Come to think of it, would yoghurt-fed ferrets never develop ECE?
Hmmmm. I wonder?

BOUSNO-ichi's name is her breed name in so far that her daddy was a
silver mitt named 'BOUSAM-san' and her mommy was an albino named 'Snow'.
Individual ferrets in a given litter are sufix enumerated in the Japanese
language rather than English. This nomenclaturing based on the F1
generation helps prevent in-breeding husbandry and certainly plays a
significant role in breeding and producing healthy ferrets.


Edward Lipinski @
Ferret Endowment for Research, Rehabilitation, Education & Training
Society NorthWest Foundation ferret, mink, skunk shelter and husbandry.
(Currently no skunks and only one spayed mink )

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:17:36 -0000 "Christopher"
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> wrote:
> >
> > Hi-I'm a holistic med. student-what is usually recommended for
> >humans taking antibiotics and experiencing diarrhea is acidophilus.
> >It works by replacing the "good" bacteria in the GI tract that has
> >been wiped out >by the antibiotics. Has anyone had any experience
> >with administering it to ferrets?
> My vet uses a product called "bene-bac" which I assume is short
> for
> beneficial bacteria. Comes as a white powder to sprinkle over the
> food or mix in with soup.
> Christopher & Crew
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