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From: Edward Lipinski
Date: 2001-03-22 02:46:00 UTC
Subject: Need Dr. Willard to help me smarten' up.

Dear Thomas R. Willard, Ph.D.

Thank you so very much for your posting that compares the
nutritional quality of cat (kitten) commercial pet foods and
the Marshall Farms Totally Ferret ferret food.

After reading your conclusive statement given below, some
questions immediately came to mind that I should very much
appreciate your answering and discussing.

'Cat foods as well as most commercial ferret foods do not have
the level and
quality of animal protein that is necessary for ferrets. Even
maintenance without supplementation.'
Thomas R. Willard, Ph.D.

Please explain what you mean by 'level and quality' of animal
protein that is necessary for ferrets.

I assume by 'level' you refer to the percentage of animal
protein in a given amount of the cat food.

I also assume by 'quality' your refer to the fact that all pet
food protein is that 'waste' protein used by commercial
manufacturers of cat food. By 'waste' protein I mean that
protein material unsuitable for consumption by most mammals.
Is it the protein that is essentially what's 'left over' after
99 percent of the available protein has been leeched out for
other higher uses. In simpler words, I am referring to
garbage protein. Is this your understanding also?

By the way, can we look forward to pet food becoming cheaper
with the soon to be realized tremendous surplus of beef
products that will be flooding the pet food manufacturer's
markets now that Mad Cow diseased beef will be essentially
free for the taking? It would seem then that the quality of
meat protein would improve some 99 percent. I would hope that
the prions would not cross the species barrier from bovines to

Please also help me understand why plant protein is identical
to meat protein, or so I've been lead to understand. I am
aware that taurine is a protein that is not found in plants
but only in 'meat'.

I have difficulty understanding your statement: 'Even for
maintenance without supplementation'. I take your statement
to mean that the cat food you speak of MUST have
supplementation in order to maintain the ferret's health, such
that a minimal survivable diet would be perhaps something like
a mixture of 1 part to 3 parts cat food and Totally Ferret,

Thank you so very much. I look forward to your discussion.

Edward Lipinski @ F.E.R.R.E.T.S. NW Foundation ferret, mink
and skunk shelter and husbandry.