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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-03-22 10:47:00 UTC
Subject: Food / puppy pads

Hello-I recently compared various ferret foods on the Ferret Store's food
chart, and I was pretty impressed by their brand, "Superior Choice". I
purchased a small bag to see if my kids would eat it-they currently eat 8 in
1 Ultimate. I haven't gotten it yet,as I only ordered it last night. Has
anyone tried it for their babies? If so, let me know what you think, and
more importantly, what your ferrets think!

Also, my 5 month old Neera, refuses to use a litter box! She WILL use
a neatly folded "wad" of paper towels on the opposite side of the litter box
in her cage that she shares w/ 3 of her buddies (which I might add, are avid
litter box users). The paper towels get stinky
after an hour or two-When I come home my house is starting to smell like a
zoo! I would like to use "wee wee pads" sold for puppies, but,
I'm concerned that the fuzzies may start to chew on them, as they have a
plastic liner- Anyone have any luck using them??? (To the vets, have you
seen any adverse result from using them?)

-Rosalie & the gang of 4

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