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From: Michele
Date: 2001-02-25 10:24:00 UTC
Subject: Good news for us here!!

Hi all as you must know I had lost my last ferret a few weeks
ago. I am thrilled this new digest is here and wanted to let
you all know yesterday was my birthday and my daughter and my
significant other suprised me with not one new babie but
TWO!!! I have no names for them just yet and am also not very
sure of their colors since I never had any ferret but sable
and silver mitt before now.
I will be calling my vet tomorrow to make an appointment for
them and was wondering since they are just around 8 weeks old
and had only one distemper shot when the next ones are? I
understand they must be 13 weeks for rabies shots but since I
never had any ferrets this young,was wondering if the vet will
be giving them the next round or distemper shots? I appreciate
any help since this is all new to me.
I thank all of you for your help!!

Michele in New Jersey