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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-03-22 16:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Food / puppy pads

I would like to use "wee wee pads" sold for puppies, but,
> I'm concerned that the fuzzies may start to chew on them, as they
have a
> plastic liner- Anyone have any luck using them??? (To the vets,
have you
> seen any adverse result from using them?)

Hi Rosalie! I've actually used the Wee Wee Pads for post-op ferrets
and they work very well! None of my guys ever chewed on them but one
guy actually liked to dig at them. That was when I knew it was time
to give him a real litter box again! ;) Seriously, I think they
work very well. They seem to absorb a decently enough and keep the
smell down to an acceptable amount. !

Good luck!