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From: G Kelley
Date: 2001-03-22 20:18:00 UTC
Subject: update on MFA ferret

Dr. Williams and others who responded to my post of a few
weeks ago re the ferret who had a reoccuring bladder/postrate
infection. Murphy had surgery yesterday and it was his right
adrenal. It was huge apparently. Our vet was only able to
debulk the tumor - Murphy started bleeding, so the vet had to
back off. Murphy is home now and resting comfortably. A huge
thank you on his behalf - as he would of surely gone through
several more infections without any of us even thinking
adrenal as he had No other symptoms.
I have suggested to another of our member's whose ferret is on
antibiotics for the second time in a year for a bladder
infection that she should be thinking adrenal even though the
ferret is also not showing any common adrenal symptoms.
Manitoba Ferret Association