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From: G Kelley
Date: 2001-03-22 21:06:00 UTC
Subject: Open to suggestions

I have a ferret named Hobbs who had to have his upper canine
tooth removed as it was abscessed. The bottom canine promptly
punched a small hole in his lip. We had the lower canine
filed. His mouth is now totally healed.
Here's my dilemma. Hobbs came to the shelter eating hard
kibble in spite of the abscessed tooth. After the surgery, he
was on duck soup and chicken broth. Within a couple of weeks
he was refusing to eat the mush and he would not eat any
kibble no matter how we disguised it. I even left him with
kibble for a full day - he still wouldn't eat.
But here's the kicker - Hobbs will eat cooked chicken, beef
and pork. I tried him with a pinkie mouse and then a rat pup.
These he gulps down and begs for more. At 2.00 a pop or should
I say a "pup" I can't afford to give him one or two a day. So
his diet right now is the cooked meat and a rat pup every
second dayat bedtime. He is getting breakfast, supper and
bedtime meals as I don't want to leave cooked meat in his dish
for to long and have it spoil. I also give him Ferretone and
Ferretvite. I am worried that he may be missing something with
this kind of diet. What other foods should I try? Is the rat
pup a "complete" meal for him on the days he gets one?
I should mention that he is maintaining his weight on this
diet. His poopies are small and puddingish, but no blood.
Manitoba Ferret Association