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From: bill and diane killian - zen and the art of ferrets
Date: 2001-03-22 22:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Need Dr. Willard to help me
smarten' up.

> I also assume by 'quality' your refer to the fact that all pet food
> protein is that 'waste' protein used by commercial manufacturers of cat
> food. By 'waste' protein I mean that protein material unsuitable for
> consumption by most mammals. Is it the protein that is essentially
> what's 'left over' after 99 percent of the available protein has been
> leeched out for other higher uses. In simpler words, I am referring to
> garbage protein. Is this your understanding also?

I tihnk with broader research you might determine that some of the
conspiracy theories about what goes into pet food are not accurate for the
indutry as a whole. There are some manufacturers that do go cheap and
thus do not provide a good food but that is certainly not true for the
whole industry.

The Mad Cow diseased animals are not being imported into the US. In the
last decade the diseased cows were used for feed ina few Southeast Asian
countries but they were not and certainly are no longer imported for
even animal food anywhere else.

> I would hope that the prions would not cross the species barrier from
> bovines to mustelids.

Mink do show problems with prions.

Ovine prions seem not to jump across species while bovinedo have that

> Please also help me understand why plant protein is identical to meat
> protein, or so I've been lead to understand.

Who has told you vegetable protein is identical to meat protein?

Some proteins are found in both plants and animals. Others are not.

bill and diane killian
zen and the art of ferrets