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From: linda soule
Date: 2001-03-22 22:29:00 UTC
Subject: Lupron/cryo

My vet has never heard of Lupron for adrenal. Wuzzle went in
to have his right side out but the vet said the adrenal was
glued to the vena cava and he didn't want to risk his life. I
went to the vet a few weeks later and mentioned Lupron. He
said he didn't know about it so I printed off all I could find
about it, but there was no mention of how much, how often,
etc. Does anyone know where I could get him this info so we
can try it on Wuzzle. Also, I mentioned cryo and he is new to
this. The office just got the unit and they haven't had a
chance to use it. I told him that Missy had it done 3 years
ago and the vet froze her 3 times at 70 degrees below zero and
she has been fine since. He is afraid that he might go to
deep and then when I get him home he may start bleeding. Can
anyone give me about the cryo process and if there is anything
that I can get to take him. He is a wonderful vet and he even
asks me now what I would do in certain cases.

Thank you for starting this wonderful list and thanks for the
Linda and the 21 little ones now in NV

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