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From: Long, Katharine
Date: 2001-03-23 09:00:00 UTC
Subject: Kidney disease and proper foods

Dr. Williams wrote:
<But for animals like Champ, who is already in documented renal failure, a
protein-restricted diet
very well may stave off the signs and symptoms of uremia for a while

I guess this brings my concerns to the forefront....the cold, hard facts.
Just how long is my Champy going to live? Obviously, this is a rhetorical
question. Am I being unfair trying to force him back onto kibble? Should I
just quit trying and continue to feed him soup? Should I quit trying drugs
to stimulate his appetite? Should I quit messing with his soup trying to
wean him off of it? Should I just leave well enough alone?

When I've asked my vet about Champ's prognosis, his response is that he's
seen cats live weeks to months with renal failure when administering sub-q
fluids and feeding low protein foods. I suppose that's the best answer he
can give. I'm not sure whether Champ is their first documented ferret with
renal failure. I haven't asked. It doesn't really matter. My crew has
provided many "firsts" to my vets. Champ was their very first ferret
adrenal cryosurgery last July. They're always willing to learn. I have
printed out bunches of stuff from this List for them.

Opinions? And, just for the record, I will have no problem letting him go
when his quality of life deteriorates. Right now, he is playing (a lot more
than just a few weeks ago) and seems happy, though somewhat puny. He even
lets me tickle his tummy on occasion, and yesterday he let me tickle him
through the bed covers, coming back for more. It's amazing how such little
things can make me so happy.