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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-02-25 11:05:00 UTC
Subject: Membership Terms of Service

As promised way back at 50 members, I am posting these again at 150.
They now go out to every new member that joins and I repost them
every 100 members.

Everyone's posts have been terrific. No real problems and a wealth of
good information. I salute each and every one of you!


The Ferret Health List Membership Guidelines

1) Be kind to one another.

2) No flames! Disagree with an idea, but don't attack a person.
Nothing slanderous is going to get through so don't bother. Race,
creed, sexual orientation and religion have nothing to do with
keeping healthy ferrets healthy or treating sick ferrets.

3) Personal issues are best handled in private email, keep it off the

4) When questioning a particular course of treatment, or asking about
something your vet has suggested, do not mention the vet or the
clinic by name, just the specifics of the treatment.

5) This list is the property of the moderators, anything posted to it
becomes the property of the list. We reserve the right to censor any
post for no reason at all. If you feel we are being unfair, let us
know off the list and we will address the issue, off the list.
Ultimately, you have the right to leave the list at anytime.

6) Ultimately our purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion of
ferret health concerns and treatment issues. "My ferret did the
cutest thing" type posts may be off topic, but they add value to the
list and we are going to allow them.

7) This is not consumer reports. Your opinion of various breeding
practices is welcome. Your opinion of a specific breeder isn't.
Ditto shelters, ferret owners and pet shops.

8) Cross-posting is allowed. Some of us are on multiple lists. Some
of us do well to stay up with one. Please do not discourage anyone
from cross-posting no matter how much you hate scrolling through the
same message on two lists. You are denying some who are only on one
the opportunity of reading a post.

9) If you feel the need to moderate someone on the list. Please
address your post to and
voice your concerns freely. After all, the person who annoyed you
isn't at fault, I am the one who allowed the post to go through. If
someone is annoying you off the list, contact me and I will explain
how to block unwanted email for your particular mail client or
contact your ISP. I will not even attempt to resolve off-list
disputes other than advising you on the technicalities of blocking

10) Be kind to one another.


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