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From: Coppandco
Date: 2001-03-23 02:41:00 UTC
Subject: Post Adrenal

Thank you to Dr Williams, Sukie and everyone else who posted
regarding my bald female ferret Kali.

I will patiently wait another few months and then I will speak
to my vet about running the Tennessee Panel.

As I live in Canada I would be interested in finding out if
anyone else up here has had their vet run the Panel - I'm
curious if there are any problems with the border
(I have just spent 1 month trying to get a piece of medical
equipment back to California for repair and even though it was
made in the States getting back across the border has been a
real headache - it took 4 separate forms (all in triplicate) -
and I was shipping from a medical clinic!!)