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From: Long, Katharine
Date: 2001-03-23 08:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Kidney Disease and Proper Foods

Dr. Willard wrote:
<This subject has been studied in both dogs and cats extensively in the past

several years at the U of GA vet school with similar conclusions. So my
response to the question as to what is the proper level of protein for
ferrets suffering from kidney damage is I have no data to support
recommending lowering it when feeding a diet such as Totally Ferret or any
other that has protein from quality animal sources of 90% or higher. <

Dr. Willard,
It appears the case you described with the kits was acute renal failure
(repairable). How would this differ from a chronic renal failure
(permanent) situation regarding protein levels? I am no nutritionist or
scientist but my understanding is that the kidneys cannot process large
amounts of protein with chronic failure. Wouldn't feeding the same (or
close to) level of protein be very hard on the body? What kind of
damage/problems could this cause?

I am one of those people who feeds my ferrets a mixture of foods, including
Iams Kitten. The main reason for this is that TF, Superior Choice, etc. all
must be mail-ordered. I want my ferrets used to something I can purchase
down the street in the event there is a problem getting something by mail
order (remember the UPS strike????). I am now mixing the Iams with Hill's
K/D hoping to entice Champ to eat on his own. The Iams is the lowest
protein level of the foods I feed them but is still quite high. Of course,
he has no interest in any of it.

And, speaking of Champ...I am at my wits end trying to entice him to eat on
his own. The Serax didn't do it but I have talked to Dr. F and we're going
to try it at a little bit larger dose. I have been grinding K/D and mixing
it with his soup, hoping to use less soup and more K/D as we go along. So
far, he's not thrilled. This is making it even more difficult to give him
his fluids since he's not immersed in his soup. I am still monitoring his
weight every few days.

If anyone has any ideas to entice him to eat his kibble, please let me know.
I really don't want to try any more drugs on him. I feel like he's a lab
rat now <g> with all the things we've been trying.

Dr. F thinks Champ will eventually start eating on his own. He is not
totally refusing to eat. He's just not voluntarily eating. He will eat
soup, preferably off my finger, but will also eat it from the bowl some.
I'm not having to force him, just provide a little encouragement.