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From: Stacey Yea
Date: 2001-03-23 09:36:00 UTC
Subject: Travelling with your Ferts -- Advice

Hello Dr. Williams and fellow members,
How are you?
I thought I would post this question here to find out if I could some
advice from a medical point of view.

I will be travelling via air with my 2 Boys, I chose Delta for the main
reason that they allow you to bring them as a carry on in the cabin. I will
be seeing our vet for up to date certificates etc.

We will be away for 2 weeks, I have contemplated on getting them or
bringing them to a sitter but the idea does not sit that well with me. For
the main reason that I would worry. Also, they to receive a lot of
attention and have as much play time as they need with me. I did leave them
for 5 days last year and Binks did not react that well -- acted depressed,
loss of appetite and got quite nippy towards the person who was watching
him. The trip to Florida is not a vacation but more a chance for us to see
family, so it is not like they will be left alone a lot. In the summers
months we travel to NY via car at least 2 a month, and stay in Hotels, they
are good and I don't see any effect on them in respect to stress or change
in behavior too much.
My concern is will this be stressful on them? What actions do you recommend
I take. They will have a cage to retreat to for naps and plenty of play time.
Finally, is there anything to recommend to do when travelling, the carrier
is large enough for them some water and food, but no litter. The flight is
approx 3.5 hours, I plan to bring some extra blankets in case of an
accident. I was thinking of maybe keeping food away prior to plane and then
give them some during, to reduce the bowel movements for those hours. Just
a question. They are extremely spoiled ferrets and are very laid back and
trustworthy with us which is one of the reasons I am fairly confident that
it is better to bring them vs a sitter.
When you have a chance, any kind of help on this would be great, I am
worried that they might not react well.
Thank you in advance!
Have wonderful weekend!
Cheers, Stacey and The Boys

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