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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-23 12:17:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Lupron/cryo

For all kinds of info from various noted ferret vets, go to
my adrenal/insulinoma website. You'll find plenty of info on
Lupron there. See my signature below for the URL.

But to quickly answer two of your questions...

Dosage: 100-500mcg of the monthly version. Dr. Weiss
recommends 2000mcg of the four-month version and has a
pharmacy listed in one of his articles (on my website) that
will sell your vet a single, ferret sized dose of the
four-month Lupron.

Cost: varies from vet to vet and depends on type/dosage. One
dose of the 2000mcg four-month is $200+. My vet charges $28
to give one dose of 150mcg of the one-month version and
somewhat less than double that for a "double dose" for those
ferrets where 150mcg isn't enough.

It's lifelong treatment and it does not cure the problem. It
only suppresses the symptoms.
For the ferrets,

* Michael F. Janke,
* South Florida Ferret Help Line, 305-752-7040
* Website:
* Adrenal/Insulinoma web site:

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From: linda soule []
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 10:29 PM

My vet has never heard of Lupron for adrenal. Wuzzle went
in to have his right side out but the vet said the adrenal
was glued to the vena cava and he didn't want to risk his
life. I went to the vet a few weeks later and mentioned
Lupron. He said he didn't know about it so I printed off
all I could find about it, but there was no mention of how
much, how often, etc. Does anyone know where I could get
him this info so we can try it on Wuzzle. Also, I mentioned
cryo and he is new to this. The office just got the unit
and they haven't had a chance to use it. I told him that
Missy had it done 3 years ago and the vet froze her 3 times
at 70 degrees below zero and she has been fine since. He is
afraid that he might go to deep and then when I get him home
he may start bleeding. Can anyone give me about the cryo
process and if there is anything that I can get to take him!
. He is a wonderful vet and he even asks me now what I
would do in certain cases.

Thank you for starting this wonderful list and thanks for
the help.
Linda and the 21 little ones now in NV