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From: Megan Mohrbacher
Date: 2001-03-23 11:51:00 UTC
Subject: Response to Puppy Pads & TEARS????

Hi guys,

In response to Rosalie's question about the puppy pads. Well, when I HAD only 2 ferrets they worked wonderfully (unless one of them got mad or something and would shred them. Then I gained 3 more fuzzies and it is impossible to keep them from shredding them. I am sad that they do that because they work very well, much better than the newspaper which, by the way, makes my place stink now too. I wish there was a better solution.

I also have a question and it is about my deformed boy, you know, BORIS the one with the "Tooth" problem, the Pee Pee problem etc.... He is just 90% different then my other ferrets. Well, one day my boyfriend noticed when Boris was eating kibble he had tears coming out of his eyes. He told me about it so I kept an eye on him the other times he ate. We only noticed it one other time while he was eating. THEN, we were giving the crew a bath last night and the tears started again. Does anyone have an idea of why he would be "crying"? I have no clue of what could be causing this? I was guessing that it was from pain because of when he ate it happened and I thought the tooth was bothering him while eating. I am stumped.

Thanks Guys,
Love To All - Megan