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From: Jeremy T. Slater
Date: 2001-02-25 11:04:00 UTC
Subject: Biting Ferret...


Boy am I glad to see a mailing list with Dr. Williams on it... WHEW!!

Okidoke folks... I have a question. I have had two ferrets, one of which was
recently killed in a household accident. She was my female, Tamber. We have
male, Charlie who we knew would not do well without a companion. We picked
up a 1 month old Sable Female named Mel (or Spaz). She is quite the "foot
attacker". She has been quite a change for us, as neither Charlie nor Tamber
ever bit or nipped, except lightly in play.

I realize she is young, and we are hoping she will grow out of the foot
biting. Is there anything we can do to help curtail the behavior, except, to
hide our feet?

Thanks folks!


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