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From: MC
Date: 2001-03-23 12:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Recommend a good ferret food

Hi Sue.........

You did not mention the ferret diet you are feeding. If it is a ferret food, it is probably ok. The only ferret diet that I am familiar with that I am not happy with is 8 in 1's regular. Their Ultimate is not too bad. (There are others I have heard about but I do not know the brands. If you stick with any of the mentioned diets here, you will
not go wrong!) Some of the better ferret diets, not in any order, are Mazuri, Totally Ferret, (Both regular and senior) The Ferret Store's Superior Choice, 8 in 1 Ultimate, and Zupreme....I am leaving out some, I am sure. There is one new one, Eagle Pack Ferret Diet but have not received my sample yet to check it out.

I like to have a mix of 2 or three different feeds so my ferrets are not imprinted to just one food. That way, if I ever run out of one for some reason, my ferrets will still be eating.

As much as I am against it, there are some very acceptable cat/kitten foods as well. Others can post about them as I am not real knowledgeable on which is which.

For our ferrets!


Sue wrote:

> Tink is 8 months old. He's the cutest chocolate ferret in the world.
> I've been feeding him the same brand of ferret food since the day I
> brought him home in September. The pet store owner recommended this
> brand but I don't think it's the best one out there. His stools are
> normal but once in a while he'll have a runny mucous stool with a tint
> of green. And then the next day he's fine. He seems skinny to me
> too. I give him treats occasionally and his feratone also. But with
> all the different brands of ferret food it's hard for me to know
> which is the best one for Tink. So please could you recommend a good
> choice?!
> Thank you,
> Sue
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