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Date: 2001-03-23 12:42:00 UTC
Subject: adrenal ferret with new problem

This is my first time to post. I have 2 ferts, a seven year old that is
terminal (day to day) with insulinoma, and a 5 year old that had adrenal
surgery for the left a year ago. She is now being maintained with the 4
month lupron depot. She also has had gastric ulcers along with suspected
helicobacter (nightmare) which we think were created by the stress of the
adrenal. She went thru a 4 month treatment with several meds and seems to
have recovered from this. My question is that it has been 2 months since
her last luprolide injection and I have not seen an improvement this time.
It vulva is slightly enlarged. After she walks around for a few minutes she
lays flat on the floor, then gets up and does it again. It's like she is
tired. She does not seem out of breath though. Also, when she defecates,
she does strain and now makes a little whimpering sound. Her stools are
small, but look okay. I have been thru so much with her illness's that I
know something else is wrong. Her last x-ray 2 months ago showed that her
one side of her heart is slightly enlarged (this is a new problem) and one
of the test is now elevated. I don't have the results with me , but my vet
said it could be up from the adrenal or along with the enlarged heart could
indicate heartworms. She is an indoor ferret, but of course mosquitoes can
get indoors in the summer. All of her lymph glands have been enlarged for at
least 6 months. She also has what looks like the hic-ups several times a
day.. Anyway, I would appreciate any input from a vet, or anyone that has
experienced these symptoms. I travel out of state for an exotic vet for my
2 ferrets, and I am going back next week to have them checked again.

Thanks, Dawn