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From: anneinchicago
Date: 2001-03-23 16:53:00 UTC
Subject: General Geriatric Health Questions

I have six ferets, the eldest being thirteen years old.

Being thirteen, I worry. perhaps unnecessarily

Elder Ferret is neither blind nor deaf. She has some rear leg
weakness due, our vet said, to a thinning spinal cord. This makes
it hard for her to use them, but not so hard that she can't scramble
over low barricades (especially when there is a treat waiting for her
on the other side :-) I believe this thinning has to do with her bowel
habits which are now atrocious (as in she does in while walking)

She still eats her hard ferret chow, but mornings and evenings she
gets it mixed with warm water. She is still drinking water just fine.
There is a bit of tooth grinding. Her fur is sparse, but still soft.

Again, I believe due to the thinning spinal cord and thinning fur, her
hindquarters and tail are generally cooler than the rest of the body.

She still enjoys being carried about on errands occasionaly.

Are there any hints, tips or tricks I should about geriatic ferret care.
Should i switch her to a senior dry cat food diet? what about
comfort levels/ bedding/ health signs to watch out for. Anything
advice would be appreciated.?

anne in chicago (thank you)