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From: Glenn Johnson
Date: 2001-03-23 11:16:00 UTC
Subject: Looking for adrenal advice

Friends of the Ferret,

I seek opinions re my 7.5 year old male, Chuki. He has adrenal
disease, first noticeable symptoms about 6 months ago. He got
a 4 month depot Lupron shot Feb 10, 2001. While new stubble
appeared on his tail shortly after, that's all that happened.
No further results. He is also in a shed stage. Because he
sometime strains to urinate, I hesitate to wait any longer for
the Lupron to work. Should I give the shed another week or
two, to see if regrowth follows (he's not bald, just very
sparse), try another Lupron, try a stronger Lupron, or try an
alternative, such as Casodex? I have melatonin but am afraid
to try it because he also has insulinoma and I've read ( I'd
be hard pressed to tell you where) that melatonin lowers the
glucose level.

In addition to adrenal, insulinoma, he also has an enlarged
heart and is on Enalapril for that, so surgery is not a
reasonable option.

Any thoughts?

Glenn and Chuki