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Date: 2001-03-23 12:06:00 UTC
Subject: Sean and Rocky...and Modern Ferret!

Hi everyone ... it is I the robed one.. with my hood off. No smoke, no
mirrors ... just me here to announce the one of the proudest moments in my
life. :0)
The new Modern Ferret issue (#29) is out. On the cover is my son Sean
and his ferret Rocky. In the issue their story of how they found and helped
one another is featured. It has lots of positive spins. Autism has risen to
1 in 500 children (this only counts severe cases, not cases like my
sons)...and that is a conservative estimate. This issue addresses that. It
addresses pet therapy. The article presents a look at why ferrets may be the
best animal choice for children with sensory issues.
Most of all it is a story of a young man overcoming special needs, and
with the help of his ferret. A ferret he got at a shelter with special needs
himself. They found each other and are succeeding with each other. It's a
wondrous phenomenon.
Also in the issue is Dr Williams, and a really informative story told in
diary form of a ferret getting a blockage (real eye opener), and neat ferret
pictures, and so many things.
If you do not get Modern Ferret, please look at the sight, and think
about subscribing. If you cannot ... think about just ordering this one
issue! Number 29! Gosh if you want Sean or I can sign it. Lol. <A
HREF="">Modern Ferret Magazine
- gallery of issues</A>
If you cannot do either of those. I ask that you spread the news to others
as they might want to subscribe or at least get this one issue.
I cannot thank Mary and Eric enough for all they have done for me, my
son, and Rocky. No words can express the gratitude I feel right now.


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for information on ferret deafness: