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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-03-24 00:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Good ferret foods

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., MC <mustangcharlie@i...> wrote:
> I knew I forgot one..Marshall's. Only problem with Marshall's is
> fuzzies poop stink when they eat it..I mean..STINK!

You should try feeding Kaytee fiesta. It's not only the poop that
stinks. No matter how often you wash the bedding or change the litter
the fert odor will run you out of the house. Still not sure why
anyone would put dehydrated carrot in a ferret food, but it's pretty.
It also makes albino ferts a pretty shade of rust colour.

Since we are casting votes: I mix any combination of TF, Shep &
Greene, Eagle Pack and zupreem. I switch and mix to keep them from
imprinting on any one brand also.