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From: anneinchicago
Date: 2001-03-24 05:10:00 UTC
Subject: Geriatric Ferrets, Tails & Food

> Just a quick observation and report.
> Two older ferrets here at FNW Foundation both display a tail carrying
> mode that is strikingly different from their tail carrying when they were
> younger.
> The tails on these two geriatric ferrets are carried in an upright and
> recurved attitude instead of being carried horizontal, parallel to the
> ground. To better visualize, the tip of the tail points directly at the
> back of the head.
> Both are silver mitt, spayed -$0.01'ed ferrets and are aged at 12 and 8
> years.
> This unusual tail carrying attitude may be related to skeletal
> degredation combined with changes in the musculature of the pelvic
> muscles. And then, maybe not. Only God knows. And she's not talking.

Yes! That's *exactly* how Eldest carries her tail! Between that and
her shuffling walk, it's quite something to see <g>

And our vet said (and he's only guessing since no one here has
seen a ferret this old) that it's a thinning of the spinal column itself.
It happens in dogs and he is just assuming it would happen in
ferrets too.

As for food, we feed ours Purina Kitten chow and something that is
hard to find- High Hopes. It' new, i think, and quite high in taurine. If
anyone's interested, I'll post the ingredient list.

Of course,Eldest pretty much gets anything within moderation
that she wants to eat. At this stage, why not? <g> Today it was a
bit of cantelope followed by a thimble of Coke. :-)

anne in chicago